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President Aoun receives message from Algerian counterpart on Arab situation and Arab summit preparations

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, considered that “Current conditions in the Middle East and in the world as a whole necessitate more than ever before for solidarity between the Arab countries and strengthening unity after the distance that occurred in contravention of the Charter of the League of Arab States, and the considerations that impose the meeting of Arabs on one word”.

President Aoun also stressed that “Lebanon has always worked to bring the Arabs together and to remove the reasons that led to their division, and therefore welcomes any inclusive Arab meeting”.


The positions of the President came while meeting the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad in the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, Mr. RamtanLamamra, in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Dr. Abdullah Bou Habib.

The Algerian Minister handed President Aoun a written message from Algerian President, AbdelMajid Tebboune about the Arab situation and on-going preparations for the holding of the Arab Summit hosted by Algeria.

President Tebboune also expressed his “Pride in the relations of brotherhood and cooperation that unite Lebanon and Algeria”, stressing “The keenness to raise these relations to higher ranks in various fields to serve the higher interests of our two brotherly countries and peoples”.


President Tebboune added “There is no doubt that the delicate circumstances that our Arab nation is going through and the political, security, economic and health challenges it faces dictate that we strengthen the practice of consultation and coordination, especially since the Corona pandemic has prevented for a long time from holding our regular meetings on a regular basis”.

“You share my opinion that this situation, as difficult as it is, is not inevitable. Our Arab nation has capabilities in all respects, which enable it to overcome the stage of division it is currently going through. Therefore, Algeria, which will be honored to host the next Arab Summit, is seeking to intensify its efforts in order to provide conditions for success of this important date, and winning the bet of advancing joint Arab action to serve the issues of our nation, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause. We also seek to achieve the aspirations of our peoples who yearn for unity in the framework of stability, cooperation and solidarity in a manner that guarantees a decent position for our nation on the global stage, and avoids its marginalization, especially in light of the emergence of the indicators of a new international order for some stage after the COVID 19 pandemic” President Tebboune added.

“For the success of this endeavour, we rely a lot on your brotherly support, given your rich experiences and your special position in the Arab world as a result of your customary personal care and your unwavering constructive stances, given also the responsibilities that your brotherly country will assume at the level of the bodies of the League of Arab States” President Tebboune stated.

Minister Lamamra had explained to President Aoun the reasons that prompted Algeria to consult with Arab countries on the issue of holding the Arab summit and the proposed date for it in preparation for taking the appropriate position.

For his part, President Aoun welcomed Minister Lamamra and conveyed his greetings to President Tebboune, praising the Lebanese-Algerian relations.

The President described Lebanese-Algerian relations as “Deep and solid brotherly relations”, expressing his hope that Algeria will succeed in organizing the Arab summit.

President Aoun also stressed that Lebanon will be at the forefront of the countries that will participate in it as soon as the date is set, “Because the Arab summit has become a need to bring the Arabs together regarding the crucial issues facing us, especially as it hurts us about the differences in opinion between the Arab brothers and the existing military conflicts”.


After the meeting, Minister Lamamra made the following statement:

“I was honored by this reception by the brotherlyPresident of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Aoun.

I conveyed him a written message from his brother, President Abdel Majid Tebboune, which carries feelings of brotherhood, affection and respect for his person and the brotherly Lebanese people, and is related to the development of our distinguished bilateral relations based on brotherhood and common principles.

This visit comes within the context of consultation on current issues, the most important of which are issues related to the present and the Arab future.As you know, Algeria has the honor to prepare to host an Arab summit and is doing its best for the sake of reunification and preparing the appropriate conditions for the convening of a comprehensive and inclusive summit that culminates in success that will be measured by the ability of Arab leaders to make consensus and take decisions that would help us rise to the existential challenges arising from the Corona pandemic and, God willing, this pandemic will be about to end. Weare working on arranging the house in preparation for what comes after. Rebuilding international relations in light of the current collisions and confrontations requires more work to overcome this difficult stage in human history”.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Do you specify the date of the Arab summit in Algeria?

Answer: “Algeria has a proposal based on what the President of the Republic decided on the basis of good preparation, materially and politically, through the visits he personally undertakes to brotherly Arab countries. As for setting the date, that will be under the chairmanship of Foreign Minister Abdullah Bu Habib when he ascends to the presidency of the Ministerial Council of the League of Arab States. Congratulations to Lebanon, Algeria and the Arabs for this renewed opportunity for reunification under the auspices of Lebanon and on the land of Algeria, God willing”.

Question: Have you discussed with His Excellency the President the Kuwaiti initiative related to the Lebanese-Gulf dialogue? Since this is one of the conditions for the success of the Arab summit in Algeria, will there be a “zero” of problems between the Arab countries for the success of this summit?

Answer: “I visited Lebanon recently, and President Abdel Majid Tebboune paid an official visit to brotherly Kuwait. We listened to the explanation given by our brothers in Kuwait about this blessed initiative that we support and wish for success. We believe that the Lebanese political field takes this initiative seriously, and we are optimistic in this regard”.

Question: Will Syria be invited to the summit?

Answer: “Part of the consultations revolved around this issue”.

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