| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

President Aoun says, “Prosecute those who fired on New Year’s Eve, take appropriate measures to avoid its recurrence”

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, was briefed on military and security reports on measures taken on New Year’s Eve, and the sporadic incidents which were recorded in Lebanese regions.

The President praised the readiness of military and security forces, Civil Defense, Fire-Fighter brigades and the Lebanese Red Cross, which limited the number of accidents that occur on such occasions. President Aoun also stressed the need for the security and judicial apparatuses to prosecute those who fired, and take appropriate measures in order to avoid the recurrence of such incidents which worry people and damage lives and properties.


The President received a series of reports on the development of Corona spread, after the significant increase in infections, especially among unvaccinated individuals.

President Aoun appealed to all unvaccinated citizens and residents to start taking the COVID vaccine in hospitals and health centers, and to respond to the campaigns organized by the Health Ministry in this purpose in various Lebanese regions. The President also pointed out that it is necessary to take this vaccine which provides immunity and limits infections and effects, according to reports by specialized physicians.

Former Minister Al-Khazen:

President Aoun met former Minister, Wadih Al-Khazen, today at Baabda Palace, and deliberated with him general affairs and latest developments.

After the meeting, Al-Khazen said: “I had the honor to meet His Excellency, the President. We discussed internal affairs, specifically governmental ones. We addressed the frustration caused by the cabinet not convening which doesn’t deserve this wait in light of worrying economic and living conditions.

His Excellency the President expressed his insistence on the fairness of the concept of national unity in dealing with the crisis of cabinetmeetings, which lasted more than it should be, and which threatens the safety of living life, and the dangers it may lead to the security of all citizens who are eager to get out of this disturbing cycle. The President also warned against letting the worsening conditions interact on the future of the country, as well as launching propositions that raise controversy and not lead to any development in our current system, which has adopted balances that provide guarantees to all components that constitute the true expression of the constitution that we all agreed upon.

President Aoun is continuing his consultations to bring about a quick solution that leads to the holding of the dialogue table and the return of the cabinet to meeting, in order to reach an understanding on all the outstanding points before we run out of time, so work returns to the institutions and the political life is organized, the judiciary regains its independence, the countrygains its security, and the economy is revitalized”.

The President received a number of congratulatory cables on Christmas and the New Year from several officials.

In this context, President Aoun received a congratulatory cable from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. — Presidency Press Office

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