| 15 April 2024, Monday |

President calls on military, security and judiciary apparatuses to deal transparently with citizens

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, called on military, security and judicial apparatuses to deal transparently with citizens regarding the results of the raids carried out by the military and security forces at drug and food warehouses and fuel stations, which have increased during the past days.

The President considered that it is the right of the Lebanese, in order to restore their confidence in the state and its institutions, to know who are the actual accused of monopolizing medicines, baby milk and medical supplies and storing them for sale at a higher price and depriving the needy of them.

“Citizens also have the right to know who are those who stored fuels and for what purpose, and what measures were taken against them. And whether they were arrested and imprisoned, or did they hide from view, or were they protected from authorities which secured them to escape justice?” President Aoun added.

In addition, President Aoun demanded that citizens be informed about the fate of the confiscated materials, considering that “Unless the Lebanese get clear answers to these legitimate questions, question marks will continue to circulate in their thoughts and increase their suffering, and the trust that is supposed to exist between them and their state in all its institutions will fade day after day. In order for everyone to cooperate in order to combat monopolies, monopolists, and the parties behind them, and to facilitate their continuation of their practices, which are devoid of any national or humanitarian sense, especially in light of the difficult living conditions that the Lebanese are going through”.

Moreover, President Aoun affirmed that, for his part, he will not hesitate to put all the facts before public opinion so that he does not fall prisoner to rumors and false news, and to know the truth about those who delve into immoral and inhuman practices and who protects these perpetrators.

“Because this is another aspect of the anti-corruption process that will not stop no matter how intense the pressures and the variety of extortion, knowing that the responsibility of the judiciary in pursuing monopolists, the corrupt and the perpetrators, is essential and necessary so that they receive the punishment they deserve” President Aoun continued.

MP Jamil Al-Sayed:

President Aoun met with MP, Major General Jamil Al-Sayed, today at Baabda Palace.

General affairs and recent government developments, in addition to the living situation and the accumulated needs of the Lebanese and the need to find quick solutions for them were tackled in the meeting.

MP Al-Sayed said “A discussion took place with His Excellency the President about what is said about the government formation and the President’s failure to bear constitutional consequences such as those borne by the Prime Minister, while the reality is exactly the opposite because the former Prime Ministers themselves throw the consequences of their governments’ crimes on the President of the Republic, considering that they are not entirely responsible for what the situation has reached, and therefore they cannot ask the President of the Republic to do something and reverse it in the matter of forming a government”.

In addition, MP Al-Sayed stated that the President of the Republic “Seems determined to expedite the formation of the government, especially since the remaining outstanding points are about to be resolved if the intentions are described and the interventions stop behind the scenes and those who are not interested in the formation and launch improper campaigns against the Presidency of the Republic”.

MP Roger Azar:

President Aoun received MP Roger Azar, and deliberated with him the needs of the Keserwan region and the path of development projects that are being implemented in it.

Imam Al-Sadr Disappearance Memorial:

On the other hand, and on the occasion of the memorial of the disappearance of Imam Moussa Al-Sadr, President Aoun wrote the following Tweet:

“On the 43rd memorial of the disappearance of Imam Moussa al-Sadr, we miss the absence of a man of dialogue, openness and patriotism, in these difficult days. A man who believed in the message of coexistence and sacrifice for the sake of the unity of the Lebanese family and the distinction of our country.

May this memorial be a source of inspiration for all of us, to work for the salvation of Lebanon and the Lebanese”. –

  • NNA