| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

President signs 16 laws approved by parliament

President of the Republic General Michel Aoun, signed 16 laws that were approved by the Parliament, in its last session.

After signing, laws were referred to the Official Gazette for publication according to the rules.

Signed Laws:

-Law No. 253 of January 5, 2022, establishing the National Drug Agency.

-Law No. 254 of January 5, 2022, establishing a Syndicate of Psychiatrists in Lebanon.

-Law No. 255 of January 5, 2022, approving subjects from vocational education in the curricula of the basic and secondary stages of pre-university education, with the aim of vocational guidance (known as the Vocational Guidance Law for Public Education Students).

-Law No. 256 of January 5, 2022, amending Article 604 of the Penal Code.

-Law No. 257 of January 5, 2022, extending the provisions of Article 1.

-Law No. 237 of 16/7/2021 (suspension of legal, judicial and contractual deadlines and suspension of debt instalments).

-Law No. 258 of January 5, 2022, cancelling the lump sum annual fee stipulated in Article 29 of Law No. 173/2000 dated February 14, 2000.

-Law No. 259 of January 5, 2022 amending some provisions of Law No. 62/1988 relating to the Beirut and Tripoli lawyers’ retirement funds.

-Law No. 260 dated January 5, 2022 amending the only article of Law No. 75 dated 10/27/2016 (cancellation of bearer shares and shares to order).

-Law No. 261 dated January 5, 2022, to determine the terms of equivalency for the “freshman” class – the American educational curriculum – at the Lebanese High School, and to regularize the status of students for previous years.

-Law No. 262 dated January 5, 2022 amending Article 66 of Law No. 144 dated July 31, 2019 (the General Budget and Annexed Budget Law for 2019).

-Law No. 263 of January 5, 2022, to subject Lebanese journalists and photographers who do not benefit from any benefits, to the provisions of the Social Security Law – with regard to medical care in cases of illness and maternity only.

-Law No. 264 of January 5, 2022, setting the conditions for licensing Health Clubs, and amending the law regulating the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

-Law No. 265 of January 5, 2022, authorizing distance teaching in higher education in cases of necessity for the academic years 2019-2022.

-Law No. 266 of January 5, 2022, to adopt an educational identity with a coded number for the student and the student in Lebanon (educational identity).

-Law No. 267 of January 5, 2022, amending Articles 554, 555, 556, 557 and 559 of the Penal Code in terms of strengthening legal protection for doctors and their assistants and hospital workers.

-Law No. 268 of January 5, 2022 amending Article 567 of the Penal Code.

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