| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

“Presidential elections a major juncture, depending on extent to which opposition can agree on a name,” says Geagea

Samir Geagea, the head of the “Lebanese Forces” Party, emphasized on Sunday that Lebanon’s future will be decided by the results of the upcoming presidential elections.

“The presidential elections, which are just around the corner, given that the constitutional deadline for electing the president begins on September 1,” he said, underscoring that “the issue depends on the extent to which the opposition can unite around a certain candidate’s name.” He went on to say that “the presidential elections, which are just around the corner, will determine Lebanon’s fate for the next six years.”

“Parliament members who were elected as part of the opposition team are required to follow steps that lead to some change, the basis of which at the present time is the battle for the presidency,” he asserted.

Geagea’s words came during a ceremony to welcome 49 new members into the Party in the region of “Mayfouk-Al-Qattara”, where he hailed the spirit of struggle of the Mayfouk-Al-Qattara citizens, noting that “they are the sons of a resistance town since ancient times and are naturally affiliated with the Lebanese resistance.”

He continued to emphasize that the difficult circumstances that Lebanon is going through and the stifling crisis did not affect the Lebanese Forces, based on the partisans’ faith in their cause and willingness to sacrifice for it, when the need arises, considering that their presence in all Lebanese regions and in all countries of the Diaspora is the best proof of that…

Addressing the opposition parties, the LF Chief urged them to collaborate efforts in order not to miss the opportunity for change with the approaching presidential elections, saying: “Let us learn from past experiences and, as an opposition, assume our responsibility in this important entitlement.”


  • NNA