| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Editor’s Syndicate elections kicks off

Elections of the Editors Syndicate has kicked off this morning, Wednesday at the headquarters of the General Labor Union.

Journalists registered in the Syndicate who had fulfilled their subscription fees has begun to come to vote and choose their candidates for the Syndicate Council.

There are 3 candidates competing in this election:

The list of the “Al Wehda Al Nikabiya” headed by President Joseph Qsseifi (complete list), includes: Salah Takieddine, Nafez Kawas, George Shaheen, Ali Youssef, Wassef Awada, Scarlett Haddad, Youmna Shukr Gharib, Walid Abboud, Hanadi Al-Samra, George Bakassini Ghassan Rifi.

The “Sahafiyon Li Nakaba Horra” list, which is incomplete, includes: Rima Khaddaj, Khalil Fleihan, Daoud Ramal, Marlene Khalife, Safa Korah Mohammad, Mohammad al-Dika and Jandark Abi Yaghi.

The list of “Sahafiyoun Tamihoun” is incomplete, including: May Aboud Abi Akl, Nohad Topalian, Anthony Al-Abed Geagea and Yaqzan Al-Taqi.

A number of media professionals, including Elissar Kobeissi of the “Alternative Press Syndicate”, are also running in the competition, in addition to individual candidates: Qassem Mtyarik, Remial Nehme and Habib El Shlouk.

Journalist Mark Bekhaazi had withdrawn his candidacy for membership in the Syndicate Council, in favor of the “La2ihat Al Wihda Al Nikabiya”.

The election process will continue until five in the afternoon.

  • Sawt Beirut International