| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

Progressive Socialist Party Chief Walid Jumblatt meets with Berri

House Speaker Nabih Berri met this evening at Ain EL-Tineh Palace with Progressive Socialist Party Chief Walid Jumblatt, where they discussed the general situation in the country and latest political developments.

Following the encounter which lasted for three-quarters of an hour, Jumblatt said: “The visit is for continuous communication with a friend, an ally, and with history…Finally, we can congratulate Speaker Berri on his efforts regarding the demarcation process, which took him nearly 9 years, as he told me, which bore fruit, and perhaps the circumstances helped, but he initiated it.”

On the presidential election dossier, Jumblatt said “we agreed that there would be no challenging candidate.”

Asked whether Speaker Berri has withdrawn the call for dialogue, he said: “Speaker Berri did not withdraw from dialogue…Unfortunately, some parties have retreated, and this is a mistake.”

Responding to another question, Jumblatt highlighted the need for a president who is able to hold the dialogue and raise issues that were not raised at the time, including administrative decentralization, the abolition of political sectarianism and having a Senate.

  • NNA