| 25 July 2024, Thursday |

Protestors have blocked roads over high dollar exchange rate

Protestations kicked off earlier in the morning in many regions against dollar high exchange rate that has reached 10,000 LBP.

Protesters blocked the highway linking Tripoli with Beirut at the Palma Bridge and the road at Abdul Hamid Karami Square, while other protestors joined them to protest against the economic crisis, blocking the road in Saadnayel in the Bekaa region.

In Taalabaya, protesters blocked the main road, while security forces reopened them and an army force was deployed immediately prevent riots.

In the South, a number of citizens protested against the living conditions and proceeded to block the highway on New Marjayoun Boulevard for a while.

At about four o’clock, a group of protesters blocked the Chtoura-Taalabaya highway at Jalala Bridge, and remains blocked till present.

In Chtaura Square, money exchange shops closed their doors in protest against high dollar exchange rate.

It was reported that a group of  youths demonstrators blocked the Rayak Baalbek International Road – and the Airport roads in both directions with burning tires and stones in protest against the deteriorating conditions and the collapse of the Lebanese pound.

Here are the latest updates regarding blocked roads in Beirut region: 


  • Farhat neighborhood exit, near Sabri Hamada Palace.
  • Airport Road near Zainuddin Station.
  • Airport Road in front of the Matar Mosque.
  • Al-Asad Highway near Al-Ansar Stadium.
  • Under the airport bridge near “Amigo” Company.
  • Under Musharrafieh Bridge.
  • Al-Ouzai, Al-Burj exit.


  • Ring Bridge – Khandaq Al-Ghamik side
  • Bechara El Khoury
  • Martyrs’ Square
  •  Aisha Bakkar
  • Verdun – Druze Council
  • Salim Slam Bridge
  • Al-Basta Al-Tahta
  • Sodeco exit
  • Sports City Road under the footbridge

Coast Road:

  • Jiyeh Road facing Al Amana station.

On March 2, 2021, at 6:30 pm.

  • Sawt Beirut International