| 24 May 2024, Friday |

PSP: Government should execute a plan to ration subsidies

The Progressive Socialist Party said in a statement on Friday: “It is really weird that the resigned government refrain from fulfilling its duties towards its citizens, and evade from its national responsibilities to protect the people’s livelihood and companies’ businesses. But instead the government allows its minister to monopolize the citizen’s rights, and destroy what has been remained. One of the latest government’s achievements is the decision taken by the Minister of Economy and Trade which is to continuously increase the price of a bread pack, which is considered a strategic commodity, under illogical arguments that contradicts all the facts.”

PSP added in a statement: “While our party rejects this activity, which impacts the citizen’s livelihood, it finds out that the solution is available through rationing subsidies. The PSP has already provided a detailed proposal for those who want to read, listen and work for the sake of the poor people, instead of adopting policies that only serve the interests of monopolists, smugglers, and merchants.”

The Progressive Socialist Party reaffirms the importance of its proposal in order to alternate the support mechanisms to directly reach needy families. PSP also confirms its objection to the existing policies that are draining the citizen’s assets. It also reiterates its calls to the parliamentary blocs, labor unions, trade unions and economic bodies to avoid economic destruction.

The party warns against adopting these preparatory methods, which could lead to halting flour subsidies, would benefit only the smugglers, merchants and monopolists.  This threatens of serious social consequences, for this reason the Caretaker Minister of Economy should halt these policies and must develop a plan for rationing subsidies.

  • Sawt Beirut International