| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Public Security: Al-Baissari discloses during independence ceremony that displaced persons’ data will soon be received

On Wednesday, the media office of the Public Security General Directorate released a statement announcing a symbolic celebration at the main headquarters to mark Lebanon’s 80th Independence Day. Major General Elias Al-Baissari, the Acting Director General of Public Security, led the event.

During the ceremony, Al-Baissari laid a wreath at the martyrs’ monument, observed a minute of silence, and convened with senior officers in the August 27 Hall. He inaugurated the celebration with the national anthem and the public security anthem.

In his address to the officers, Al-Baissari discussed current developments in Lebanon and the region. He emphasized the responsibilities of Public Security personnel in the nation’s delicate circumstances, stressing the importance of fortifying the Directorate through discipline and adherence to laws. He highlighted the need to prioritize citizen welfare amid challenging situations.

Al-Baissari commended the efforts to ensure the Directorate’s full operational capacity, both logistically and administratively, to meet the security personnel’s essential requirements.

Regarding the displaced Syrians’ file, seen as crucial to Lebanon’s present and future, Al-Baissari announced that data for the displaced will soon be received. He expressed hope that this effort would lead to collaborative solutions with relevant ministries and departments.

  • NNA