| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Public transport new cost after the increase in fuel prices

“International Information” published a report entitled “After the increase in the prices of gasoline and diesel, transportation prices rise randomly,” in which it indicated that after the increase in gasoline prices by 65% ​​from 77,500 pounds to 128,200 pounds per can, and diesel by 69% from 58,500 pounds to 98,800 pounds per can, Transport prices by public cars or minivans and large buses increased at a rate higher than the increase in the prices of gasoline and diesel. In absence of an official price, owner of each vehicle decided the price he wanted, and the random price hikes came according to the following table, where the rate of increase ranged between 40% and 114%. This is until Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

The number of public transport ​designated to transport passengers is:

33,256 public cars (some of which are not operating).
4,225 minibuses (14 seats and under).
1,977 large buses (above 15 seats).

A table showing the increase in the cost of transportation by public transportation before and after the increase in gasoline and diesel prices:


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