| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Pushkian: We understand the people’s concerns, and we have come to work, not to waste time

George Pushkian, the Minister of Industry, continued to meet well-wishers at his Ksara house, where he hosted delegations and dignitaries from the Bekaa area today to congratulate him and express their demands and concerns on social, economic, and industrial levels.

Pushkian considered that the people’s concerns and worries are totally understandable, hoping to gain their trust and pledging that the cabinet is here to work and not to waste time. “The new government, with its head and members, and the confidence of the parliament, which we look forward to gaining tomorrow, will work with all seriousness to address the thorny and complex issues,” he said.

Addressing his interlocutors, the Minister stressed “the importance of the Bekaa with its diversity, coexistence and the solidarity of its people and their standing by each other in the most difficult circumstances.”

He added: “There is nothing impossible before the unifying national will, the Lebanese people’s adherence to their land, their solidarity with each other, and their trust in the state and its institutions,” noting that “the Lebanese were able over the past years to overcome greater difficulties and challenges than the ones we face today.”

Pushkian indicated that “focus will be pinned on giving importance to the industrial sector and on encouraging investors and capital owners to venture into establishing new, modern, small, medium and large factories, so that we will achieve together the desired development of our region.”

  • NNA