| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Raad: resistance stood by the state to strengthen its negotiating position

Head of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” Bloc, MP Mohammad Raad, stressed that “the resistance stood by the Lebanese authority during its indirect negotiations with the Israeli enemy, in order to strengthen its negotiating position…”Consequently, an understanding was reached on extracting gas from our territorial waters, which began to appear in separate items through the media,” he said.

“We must also admit that the resistance weapon is the guarantee that the parties will not go further than what is stipulated in the content and essence of the understanding,” Raad added, noting that “we are waiting for the enemy to sign this understanding, after which we will move to the second phase to ensure its implementation, which remains dependent on the choice of the resistance’s readiness.”

On the presidential elections dossier, Raad referred to fears of vacuum in the position of the presidency since political forces in the country are moving away from logic in choosing a president who can serve the country and its interests.

He stressed that what is required is having a president to serve the interest of the country as a whole, and who can provide a climate of understanding between the political forces to rebuild the state and form systems and laws in a different way, in wake of the exposed corruption of laws and applications, financial and administrative corruption and slackness at the social and sovereign levels.

Raad was speaking during his patronization of a ceremonial festival organized by “Hezbollah” in the area of Jabal Amel marking the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday, held in the southern town of Aitit amidst a crowd of official and popular figures from the region.

“There are still forces and benevolent and loyal individuals in this country that aim to establish stability on the basis of preserving national sovereignty and restoring society to bearing its responsibility in achieving pride, dignity and justice,” he continued to reassure.

“We want the presidential elections to take place within the constitutional deadline,” Raad emphasized.


  • NNA