| 1 March 2024, Friday |

Rafic Hariri Foundation announces collaboration with Aljadid Manpower Services, Otermans Institute

The mission of the schools of Rafic Hariri Foundation (RHF) rests mainly on empowering the students with the skill of preparedness, be it for higher education and or for the workplace. To that end RHF was very thrilled to collaborate with the renowned Aljadid Manpower Services (Pakistan) and Otermans Institute (UK) under the stewardship of CEO Mr. Sardar Hisham Sabir Khan and Dr. Pauldy Otermans – the Chair and Principal, also Mr. Dev Aditya – the Managing Director.

The Otermans Institute / Aljadid Manpower Services was gracious enough to give the opportunity for 109 of our intermediate and secondary students (65 from HHSII and 44 from HHSIII) to join their global ‘Digital Employability training’, starting 18 Jan 2021. This was a program of 15 weeks, but Otermans Institute / Aljadid Manpower services added two extra weeks of lessons, due to the high passion and engagement shown by the RHF students, thus totaling 17 weeks.

The Otermans Institute / Aljadid Manpower Services program focused on engaging our students, under the guidance of the institute’s enlightened trainers. The sessions involved topics like the 4 Cs and the transferable skills needed to become job and higher education ready in today’s world and Industrial revolution 4.0. The sessions, which facilitated interaction with the peers from diverse backgrounds, included leveraging our students’ functional English-speaking abilities, job readiness, social interactions and emotional intelligence through purposeful listening and constructive reciprocal feedback.

HHSII and HHSIII students proved their distinctive competence in complying with the program’s requisites. Their achievement exceeded the excellent rating of 94%, thanks to the program’s teaching techniques, innovative curriculum and the constant embracing and engaging follow ups.

RHF expresses its genuine gratitude to Otermans Institute / Aljadid Manpower Services for such a prestigious, insightful and dynamic program, which has undoubtedly contributed to our students’ abilities by fostering their intellectual, cultural and social potentials.

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