| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Rafic Hariri Hospital’s laborers respond to Baabda’s statement

Committee of Employers, Contractors and laborers of the Martyr Rafic Hariri Governmental University Hospital” affirmed in a statement, in response caretaker Prime Minister, Dr. Hassan Diab’ statement “We were really not surprised when the statement was issued by the Baabda meeting, as we have become accustomed to discretion in the decisions of those concerned and  their injustice to public institutions in general and government hospitals in particular.”

It added that they did not and will not allow to be excluded, marginalized, or pass unnoticed, and warn against implementing this decision without their direct coverage of its effects and without any delay, like the rest of the public sector, and any such decision that may be issued in the future, will be confronted  with more severe decisions

The committee concluded its statement: “We remind those concerned that your continuous applause and praise for us and your description of us as heroes and as the fence of the homeland and other slogans, we return it to you with much gratitude, as it has never helped us and did not provide the minimum requirements of life.