| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Rafic Hariri University Hospital issues its daily COVID-19 report

Rafic Hariri University Hospital issued its daily COVID-19 report, stating the following:

  • Number of vaccinations conducted at the COVID-19 Vaccine Center:

Pfizer: 288
AstraZeneca: 408

  • The number of tests conducted inside the hospital laboratories during the past 24 hours: 402.
  • The number of patients who are in the hospital for follow-up: 45
  • The number of suspected cases during the past 24 hours: 8
  • The number of recoveries who are in the hospital during the past 24 hours: 1
  • The total number of patients recovered from inside the hospital till present: 1,292
  • The number of cases that were transferred from the intensive care unit to the isolation unit after their condition improved: 0
  • The number of critical cases inside the hospital: 18
  • The total number of fatalities: 2

The COVID-19 Vaccine Center inside Rafic Hariri University Hospital remains at your disposal from Monday to Friday.
Phone number 01832070

WhatsApp number 70056182.”

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