| 5 October 2022, Wednesday |

Rahi after meeting Mikati: We spoke same language, agreed on same solution

The Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi, affirmed that we are not in a locked room without doors. There is a door to the solution, and with a good will and a spirit of responsibility, this solution must be implemented so that the country can restore life, considering that the Council of Ministers cannot continue to be idle and unable to meet for known reasons. Nor can the financial, economic and living crisis continue as it is, and we cannot continue with our current status, regarding the world public opinion, living within a state that is crippled day after day.
From the Grand Serail, after meeting Prime Minister Najib Mikati, Rahi pointed out that the reality we are in today can completely be resolved by referring back to the constitution.
He said: “We have discussed all these matters, and we have spoken the same language and we are in agreement on the same solution, and we have to continue in order to reach its implementation.”