| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Rahi: Politicians are practicing infernal politics with miscalculations and misjudgment

Maronite Patriarch Beshara Boutros Rahi strongly criticized the Lebanese officials for the way they deal with the country’s crises.

“It is not enough to admit your inability and weakness of your powers to justify the stalemate and let the crises escalate and the collapse is accelerating,” Patriarch Rahi said Sunday during Sunday Mass service in Bkirki this morning.

“The country is not private property to allow yourselves to bankrupt and destroy it,” the Patriarch said.

Rahi added: “Today we are witnessing the scorched people policy and the politicians are practicing infernal politics with miscalculations and misjudgment.”

The Patriarch also called on the state during his homily to move towards brotherly and friendly countries and negotiate with them to help Lebanon today before tomorrow, saying: “The people cannot tolerate more oppression and humiliation.”

“The time has come for the state to exit the game of regional axes, and to reconsider its options, which developments have proven are not in the interest of the country, independence, stability, unity and prosperity, and that they have destroyed Lebanon’s Arab and international relations. This political group has struck Lebanon’s international reputation, while the name of Lebanon was a symbol of creativity, renaissance and prosperity in the Arab countries and the world,” he continued.

Finally, he called on the caretaker government to carry out its duties by virtue of the constitution, law and conscience.

  • NNA