| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

Maronite Patriarch Rahi to Lebanese officials: Are you conscious of what you’re doing?

Maronite Patriarch indicated during his Sunday homily in Bkerke, “the right to express an opinion is born with the human being,” warning against violating it, and transferring the country to a police regime, and methods that do not resemble Lebanon.

Rahi explained that “excessive repression establishes a popular uprising,” stressing that “in the face of the sad state of the judiciary, we wonder where the judges are to protect the judicial body.”

He wondered about the goal of the strict measures in the judiciary, pointing out that “the parliamentary elections must be held on time, and the next president must pull the country out of the axes.”

Cardinal Mar Bchara Boutros Al Rahi, the Maronite Patriarch, addressed the political officials, asking, “What are you doing to save your population from the misery you put them in? Isn’t it past time to issue a judgment in the Beirut Port Blast?”

In his Sunday sermon, he added, “How long do you politicians continue to oppress our people and blow up solutions to impose sanctions on Lebanon?”

  • NNA