| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Red Cross receives the first batch of respirators donated by Cheikh Bahaa Hariri

The Red Cross receives the first batch of respirators donated by Cheikh Bahaa Hariri to the Lebanese People.

Due to the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths that is increasing dramatically, and after the Secretary General of the Lebanese Red Cross, George Kettani, raised his voice for the need to ensure more respirators, Cheikh Bahaa Hariri called the Head of the Medical Equipment Importers’ Syndicate, Salma Assi, inquiring about the specifications of the required machines to provide aid.

In the warehouse of the Red Cross in ​​Roumieh, the first batch was received, consisting of 157 devices, and the second shipment will arrive next Monday, reaching 400 oxygen machines. “We would like to thank Cheikh Bahaa Hariri for such donation, with the help of Mrs. Salma Assi, because we have specifications as we do not accept any type of equipment. We hope that we can distribute these devices as soon as possible. We will be transporting many devices to Beirut area because of the need”, said Andre Matar in a statement to “Sawt Beirut International”.

“The Lebanese Red Cross distributed more than 260 oxygen machines to the Lebanese people, through a mechanism approved by the Lebanese Red Cross based on contacting the patient on 1760 and sending a medical report confirming the need. After the request arrives, a medical committee reveals it to be completed, and the machine is given to the patient for a period of 15 days. After his recovery, the device is sterilized and prepared for a new patient”, Matar added.

  • Sawt Beirut International