| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

“Resigning from parliament an option if government is not formed,” says Hobeich

Future Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Hadi Hbeish, believed that “the third veto power is the only obstacle in the process of forming the government,” noting that “there are options in case the cabinet is not formed, including resignation from Parliament.”

“The country is heading towards major collapse at the end of September on all fronts,” he regretfully cautioned in an interview with Al-Jadeed TV.

Over the gas import issue, the MP indicated that “America has permitted Lebanon to import gas and electricity through Syria,” adding, “We accept help from any country except Israel.”

On another note, Hobeich considered that if resuming relations with Syria would lead to a problem with the Arab League, then that step is rejected. “When Syria returns to the League of Arab States, then dealing with it will be from one state to another,” he said. However, he reiterated that “we have no problem if the visit of the Lebanese delegation to Syria will bring electricity to Lebanon.”

  • NNA