| 24 April 2024, Wednesday |

RHUH: Vaccination cannot be administered without a prior appointment from the health ministry

Rafic Hariri University Hospital administration confirmed in a statement on Sunday, that “the Corona Vaccine Center at the Hospital is unable to receive those wishing to take the vaccine unless they obtain a prior appointment, by text message, from the Ministry of Public Health’s platform, specifying when they come to the Center”.

Accordingly, the Hospital urged citizens and residents to adhere to the mechanism established by the Health Ministry and abide by the following steps before coming to the vaccination center:

First: Registration on the platform of the Ministry of Public Health

Second: Obtaining a prior appointment, exclusively by text message, from the Ministry of Health’s platform

The Hospital administration concluded its statement by indicating that staff at the Corona vaccine call center are at the service of citizens and residents to assist them in filling out the registration form and answering their questions about the vaccine, adding that the call center may be reached at 01-832070, or via WhatsApp service at 70-056182, or through the robotic doctor at 81-919469.

  • NNA