| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Riachy to “Sawt Beirut International”: This is the only “battle” that leads to a solution in Lebanon

All eyes are on the meeting of European foreign ministers and whether they will impose personal sanctions on the Lebanese officials who obstruct the rescue pathway from the crisis, starting with the formation of the government. Prominent diplomatic sources believe that the path of personal punishment actually began through the European, Arab and international “boycott and isolation” of Lebanese figures accused of obstruction, led by the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil.

The international community is still standing with an economic mission government in implementation of the French initiative, while the spoilers and whenever time runs out, they tightened their demands on their gains considering that this government is formed, and it may last for years, not six months, as the French initiative says, and that it It is likely that neither presidential elections nor parliamentary elections will take place, so it will not be known when the government that will be formed, and it will be the one that will hold the reins of affairs in the country for a long time. The “rams” that are taking place are continuing, and things seem difficult in light of the quota system followed by the ruling system, and sectarian quotas, which adherence will lead to the country’s devestation.

Former Minister Melhem Riachi told “Sawt of Beirut International”: In the end, the universe follows the right of force, unfortunately, and not the power of truth. Obama did not intend to defend the human after the chemical war in Syria, and the Syrian elections will likely repeat the same. There is one issue that serves the interest of the country, Riachi added, and that is the necessity of carrying out a battle with all weapons to neutralize Lebanon from everything that is happening in the region, as all seasons will pass from corruption to terrorism and others, but what is important is for Lebanon to remain. And there is one battle that is the solution for Lebanon, its name is active neutrality, and it is the Iron Dome that protects Lebanon from all the region’s misfortunes, the conflict of interests in it, and the corruption that plagues it, and Lebanon is much smaller to bear everything that happens in it. The need is for a government with two specific tasks, reform and money and parliamentary elections that reproduce power, and all that is added to that is from the devil.