| 8 December 2023, Friday |

Rifi Alloush meeting…”Sanad” will liberate homeland from corrupt system

Preparing to launch “Sanad party, General Ashraf Rifi received in his house in Tripoli, the former deputy Mustafa Alloush, wherer they discussed Tripoli and national affairs.

After the meeting, Rifi said, “Former deputy Mustafa Alloush and I are meeting to declare that we will work together hand in hand to fulfill our national duty towards our city of Tripoli and our country. We must emphasize that we are the students of the martyr Rafik Hariri’s school, the school of sovereignty, integrity, and democracy. We will continue to work nationally together, and we will fight and face all corrupt and conspiring individuals against our country through peaceful and democratic means. It is not acceptable for us to be scattered and frustrated, so we will unite together in words and actions with the Christian, Druze, and Shia components who are free against the Iranian project.”
He added: ” Some say that the Sunni arena is scattered and fragmented, and in response to this reality, we declare our solidarity with our friend Alloush, who has a long track record in political work, despite his medical commitments, his national concerns were always in his conscience and daily follow-up.”
Rifi confirmed that “the Sunni sect, as a major component in Lebanon, will not be marginalized and the injustice that has been committed against it will not pass.”
For his part, Alloush said: “Our visit to Deputy Hariri is not the first, as we are together despite some differences in viewpoints. Today’s meeting is a continuation of the launch of the ‘Sanad’ Party, which I announced today that I am part of this project, and we are all ready to launch. We express our political consciousness, which reflects the consciousness of March 14th, the national consciousness that goes beyond sectarian issues. But as Sunni supporters, we have a duty to our sect to regroup and redirect the compass towards its true direction.”
Alloush concluded: “Our vision is clear, and things will become apparent from a political and practical standpoint in the coming days, and the frustration we went through, we have witnessed before in 2005, on the day of the assassination of the martyr Rafik Hariri, but we came back, stood together, and faced it. Therefore, there is no doubt that we will take from this frustration a flame of hope and light to return and move forward towards liberating our country from this corrupt system.”

  • Sawt Beirut International