| 26 February 2024, Monday |

“Rise to the challenge to establish a rescue government, put an abrupt end to conflict and quotas,” Asmar says

Dr. Bchara Asmar, the Head of the General Labor Union, spoke at a general assembly in front of the union’s offices, urging “politicians to cease fighting, accusations, and quotas and take the initiative to establish a rescue government.”

“What is occurring is beyond sense,” he stated. “Stop the murderous campaign against the Lebanese people and immediately begin reforms.”

“The educational, health, environmental, and economic institutions are all collapsing now, and the minimum wage is $30. To save Lebanon’s workers and all categories of the Lebanese people, we must handle this situation in solidarity, which can only be accomplished with the existence of a rescue government,” Asmar said.

“Nothing is greater than the homeland, and nothing is stronger than Lebanon,” he said, adding that “we must defend it as the final homeland for all Lebanese,” and that “what is being practiced against us now is displacement from our homeland and an attempt to killing without guns.”



  • Sawt Beirut International