| 21 February 2024, Wednesday |

Roukoz: ” Hariri should apologize with an out of this political system alternative.”


Representative Shamil Roukoz confirmed  that expanded administrative decentralization secures comfort for citizens in all regions, adding: “I asked about the possibility of replacing fuel with gas so we can save billions of dollars in electricity, but I got no answer, the same with the temporary committee for  the port of Beirut, and all the violations that are taking place,  and we saw what happened over there.”

In an interview with MTV, Roukoz said: “He who has caused this country what it is witnessing today, cannot be the one to save it, this political system is what brought it here, and no, we did not inform the President about Lebanon my nation conference.”

He added: “priority now, is to form a government, and I think Hariri should apologize and his alternative should be from out of this political system. We had different hopes to be accomplished by this covenant, but it did nothing, the presidential settlement was a mistake, we must have an exceptional government. What is important is to save the country, not the covenant.”

In response to a question Roukoz said that the president is fully aware of the situation but his surrounding approaches are delivering to him, what serves their interests.

He considered that dealing with Hezbollah’s weapons should be done through a national strategic defense approach against the Israeli enemy, and all the Lebanese are involved in this issue, there is no exclusivity to national dignity.

Commenting on a question He said:” the President surely wants his son-in-law to become a president, but, surely, I am not the meant one.”