| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Russia’s Sputnik V Vaccine Shows 97.8% Efficacy in UAE’s Vaccination Campaign

Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19 demonstrated 97.8% efficacy against coronavirus cases and 100% efficacy against severe cases during the vaccination campaign in the United Arab Emirates, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said on Tuesdayю

“RDIF announces the data of UAE’s Ministry of Health on the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine confirming its safety and high efficacy during the vaccination campaign. Efficacy among more than 81,000 subjects who had received both components of Sputnik V was 97.8%. Analysis is based on the data collected by 8 June 2021. The Russian vaccine was also fully (100%) effective against severe cases of COVID”, RDIF said in a press release.

No severe adverse events associated with vaccination; no cases of hospitalisation after vaccination; no deaths related to the vaccination; no cerebral vein thrombosis cases after vaccination; and no cases of myocarditis were reported, the fund specified.

“Sputnik V complies with the highest healthcare standards while demonstrating safety and efficacy during the vaccination in UAE. Sputnik V is one of the best COVID vaccines in the world as confirmed by data from Argentina, Serbia, San-Marino, Bahrain, Hungary, Mexico and other countries. Administering the Russian vaccine helps create durable immunity among the population and provides for lifting the restrictions and returning to normal life”, RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev said, as quoted in the press release.
The vaccine was registered in the UAE in January under the emergency use authorisation procedure.

Sputnik V has been authorised in 67 countries since the drug’s registration last August. According to the latest data on the post-vaccination infection percentage among 3.8 million vaccinated Russians, the vaccine shows 97.6% efficacy against symptomatic COVID-19 cases.

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