| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Saadeh: “Rationing hours begin this week”

Head of  Private Generators’ Association, Abdo Saadeh, confirmed that “rationing is the only choice they are left with, as the cut-off hours have reached twenty hours per day, which affects them in terms of securing maintenance and spare parts which are priced according to the black market, as well as diesel shortage while they have to buy it from the black market for 38,000 pounds.”

Saadeh said in an interview with “Voice of Lebanon”: “let them limit cut-off hours to 6 to 7 hours and secure diesel fuel at the official price, then we will abandon the idea of ​​rationing.”

He pointed out that “the rationing program will start this week after Exhausting all contacts, it will be implemented 5 hours per 24 , 3 hours during the night,  and 2 hours during the day.”