| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Safa targets Judiciary, whereas Safi Al-Din targets Army, what’s Hezbollah’s goal?

Wafik Safa, the Head of Hezbollah’s Coordination and Liaison Unit, recently paid a visit to the Palace of Justice and issued a warning against Judge Tarek Bitar, the Judicial Investigator investigating into the Beirut Port Blast.

Al Markaziah said in an article that Hezbollah isn’t grateful for the fact that it doesn’t rule the entire country. He doesn’t like the fact that a few departments and agencies aren’t abiding by his authority, that they follow the current constitutions, laws, and regulations, and that they don’t follow the party’s or others’ orders. This reading is based on the statements of Hezbollah’s leader of the Executive Council, Mr. Hashem Safi Al-Din, on Sunday, and is carried out by opposition political sources through “Al Markazia.”

“The Americans influence Lebanon’s security, politically, financially, and economically, and they have a lot inside the Lebanese state,” he said, adding, “So far, we have not fought a battle to remove the United States of America from the state apparatus, but if the right day comes and we engage in this battle, the Lebanese will see something else.” “We did not engage in this struggle (with the Americans in the state apparatus) because we knew Lebanon’s endurance, because America is an adversary no less hostile than Israel,” Safi Al-Din explained.

It’s a fresh campaign, therefore the party appears to be starting it at the next level, and the title is: Domesticate the army without betraying it! After the “Beirut suburbs” area gained control of everything in Lebanon and the main decision-making centers in it, including the Presidency, the Parliament, then reaching the cabinet (which came to light through a French-Iranian settlement), to the economy (where the party became a speculative partner in selling Iranian fuels in the Lebanese market), and the economy sector (the party has become a speculative partner in selling Iranian fuel), which has political-strategic dimensions rather than living benefits or granting aids. While the party tries to dominate monetary policy by attempting to remove the Central Governor, the party seeks to enslave the Judiciary by intimidation and direct threats, of which Judge Tarek Bitar, the Investigator in the Port crime, is the finest proof. Moreover, one should note his promotion of Qard al-Hasan and trial to expel Riad Salameh… He aspires to be the Army’s Head, the last fortress of legitimacy.


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