| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Saida Mayor launches “Tasheel” campaign to register for the finance card

Saida Mayor Muhammad Saudi launched “Tasheel” campaign and an operating room in the municipality in order to help and urge citizens to register on the “Daem Impact” platform for social protection, which was launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs for Lebanese families to obtain the finance card in Saida and its neighborhood.

For this purpose, Saudi chaired two meetings in the Municipal Palace, with representatives of the associations affiliated with the Association of Civil Institutions in Saida and the neighborhood and the Federation of Trade Unions in Saida and the South.

The mayor indicated that “the purpose of launching the campaign is to help people to fill out the form and register on the electronic platform, especially by groups that face technical difficulties in filling it out. The municipality and the labor associations and trade unions will help in achieving this goal within the specified conditions.”

He stressed, “the need to speed up the mechanism for filling out the financing card form, because there is a great need and families are suffering in the city, and they must be helped to benefit from obtaining the card that is their right.”

  • Sawt Beirut International