| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Saida Turkish Hospital stresses the need to form an emergency department

The Administrative Committee of the Emergency Hospital, Saida Turkish Hospital, said in a statement that the painful incident of Akkar raises the urgent and necessary need for operating the emergency department in Saida Turkish hospital in accordance with the purpose prepared for it.

The administrative committee in the hospital, expressed its sincere condolences to the families of the victims and wished rapid recovery for the injured. It also stressed the legitimacy of demands to open the hospital to fight the unprecedented crises that the country is going through.

The committee clarified that since its appointment in December 2020, it has proceeded to:

1- Develop an accurate and integrated plan to operate the hospital gradually and within the available financial capabilities.

2- Finalizing all work related to the maintenance of medical facilities and equipment and other preparatory work to start operating the hospital, including electronic devices and the information system, with the help and support of the Turkish government.

3- Preparing a well-studied and clear plan for employment based on efficiency, transparency and openness.

4- Participating in the national campaign for vaccination against the Covid-19 pandemic.

5- Repeated reviews to grant the Administrative Committee exceptional approval for employment, as the letter submitted in this regard more than 8 months ago and approved by the Minister of Public Health is still pending in the government.

Thus, despite the support of the Ministry of Health, and Saida Municipality, this public facility is still unable to perform its vital role in the absence of human resources and the inability to employ the necessary medical and administrative staff in order to provide the required hospital services.

Accordingly, the current reality of Saida Turkish hospital is still in the hands of the Ministry of Public Health to take the necessary action.

  • Sawt Beirut International