| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Salam: Dollar rate decline will create balance and contribute to reducing prices.

Minister of Economy Amin Salam affirmed that “the decline in the dollar price rate, will create a balance and contribute to reducing prices,” noting that he is following- up on a daily basis “all matters that come from the Consumer Protection Department in cooperation with everyone in the ministry.”

He stressed via a radio interview that “we are very keen to work with the judicial and legal authorities, and to activate more this supervising role, we also discussed the issue of establishing a special court for consumer protection, and we will see where we will reach with this file.”

On the other hand, he pointed out that “there is a general atmosphere of optimism and clear international support for the government, and we seek to complete this support through the countries that we hope will show support for Lebanon,” stressing that “France stands by Lebanon and we will take advantage of this positive atmosphere to reach the desired goals,  because Implementing reforms will be difficult without international support, and we look forward to working with France and all supporting countries.”

Salam added, “We began to see good signs from several Arab countries as well, and we saw interest from the King of Jordan, the country that is an essential element in the Arab axis. There is  Egyptian and other countries positiveness, and things will need some time before seeing advanced steps in order to support the government.”

Regarding the parliamentary elections, Salam pointed out that “Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi stressed the keenness that the elections take place on time, and we want this to happen, because we have obligations with the international bodies that are monitoring this step.”