| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Salloum: “I will be Lebanese medicine’s ambassador.”

Head of the of Pharmacists’ Syndicate, Dr. Joe Salloum, heading a delegation of members of the Syndicate of Pharmacists, visited the building of the Syndicate of Pharmaceutical Factories in Lebanon headed by Dr. Carol Abi Karam.
During the meeting, Salloum affirmed his absolute support for the Lebanese medicine and the local industry, declaring that he will be the “ambassador of the Lebanese medicine” wherever he goes, putting the union’s capabilities “at the disposal of the Lebanese pharmaceutical factories.”
He stressed “the importance of the role of Lebanese medicine as the first alternative, if not the only alternative, to secure the needs of citizens,” calling on the state to “support it in order to preserve it and prosper the factories that, on their part, provide job opportunities for the Lebanese.”
Salloum also stressed on “exerting all efforts to maintain the full partnership with international pharmaceutical companies, and work on keeping it in Lebanon.”