| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Sami Gemayel: Another transient epidemic continues to target new generations.

The head of the “Lebanese Kataeb” party, Sami Gemayel, commented on the news of the arrest of a drug dealer in the Al-Jadida area in Al-Matn. He wrote on his Twitter account, saying: “Another transient epidemic continues to target new generations. Greetings to the officers and members of the Internal Security Forces who, despite everything Lebanon is witnessing, continue their work to protect the youth of Matn and Lebanon from the drug epidemic.

Earlier, The Army Command – Directorate of Orientation issued the following statement:

On 3/7/2021, a patrol from the Intelligence Directorate in the Jdeideh-Matn region arrested  (H.S.) of Syrian nationality for promoting drugs and using them,and  wandering around without identity papers, and resisting the patrol members while trying to arrest him. He was also seized in possession of a quantity of drugs and a large sum of money.

The seizures were handed over and the investigation commenced under the supervision of the competent judiciary

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