| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Sami Gemayel: “No official behind his desk thinks how to save people”

The Head of Kataeb Party Sami Gemayel stressed the need to “build a new Lebanon based on fundamentals of truth and frankness.”

He added: “We want to be frank with each other as Lebanese, whether we are ready to abide by the constitution and the law or not, and if we are ready to live in a civilized and sovereign country.”

Gemayel considered in the oath ceremony for the new affiliates in the Keserouan region Al-Ftuh that the challenge currently is twofold. The first is confronting the hurdles that we are living on daily basis, and never give up or leave our country, to take care of our villages and houses, and to withstand with all our strength on all political fronts, in the street, and in the elections.”

He added: “Since we are here suffering, facing and persevering, let us make a difference today.”

Gemayel pointed out that “the second challenge is not to accept, at the end of this battle, in any way, to postpone our problems again, for at the end of this crisis there must be a different Lebanon and we do not accept any of the agreements that postponed our problems.”

He added: “We will not accept to live as if we are overwhelmed, and we will not accept living according to the will of some, who want to drive us into war, isolate us and disrupt our country and its institutions, and live the life we ​​live today.”

Gemayel said: “We want to live in a country of 10,452 km, in a civilized, developed, neutral, and decentralized country. We want to build a strong economy to bring our youth back to Lebanon, and make our country Hong Kong and Monaco, we want to live in a country.”

Gemayel said that “they are doing everything to make us forget the main issue. They move us from an electricity crisis to fuel to medicine to a dollar and lira crisis. We are distracted by the results of the fatal mistakes they committed against us in order to forget their accountability and forget the main problem we suffer from.”

He added, “We must first hold them accountable because they are responsible for what we have reached. Their settlements, concessions, and surrenders all brought us to this place, and they want us to forget that. They handed us over to Hezbollah and concluded a settlement that brought the covenant to what it had reached.”

Gemayel concluded: “They want us to forget that we are a country without a captain, and that no official behind his office thinks how to save the people and the country, and no official thinks of how to end humiliation at the stations because they only care about their chairs.”

  • Sawt Beirut International