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Bahaa Hariri: Support provided by King Salman Center is welcomed by Lebanese people

Businessman and politician Bahaa Hariri announced, after his candidacy for the Lebanese elections, that his country welcomes the aid provided by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSRelief), praising at the same time Saudi Arabia’s permanent support for the people of his country.

In an exclusive interview with the Saudi newspaper, Al-Yaum, Hariri stressed the importance of arranging the Lebanese house to ensure that this aid goes directly to the needy people rather than to the corrupt bureaucrats.

Hariri said that he is determined to run in the upcoming Parliamentary elections that will be held next May, as it is a pivotal point in Lebanon’s history. He said that the Lebanese people are demanding a new leadership that is not tainted by rampant corruption.

Baha Rafik Hariri condemned the terrorist attacks launched by the Houthi militia against civilians in Saudi Arabia, as a challenge to all international laws and positions.

Hariri said that Saudi Arabia’s support for Lebanon and its eagerness to stand beside Lebanese is a well-established approach in the history of relations between the two countries, and today it is affirmed by KSRelief’s efforts.

How do you comment on this matter?

Lebanon welcomes all assistance, especially the aid provided by KSRelief. This support is essential for Lebanese people and welcomed by them.

However, I would also like to stress that Lebanon needs to arrange its internal situation first. We are keen that this aid goes directly to the needy people, rather than to the corrupt bureaucrats.

In general, a detailed audit is required for the government’s financial actions, as well as the banks’ practices. We also need to prove to the Lebanese and the international community that we are transparent, and officials who led the country to this situation should be held accountable, and people’s deposits should be returned to them.

The terrorist attacks launched by the Houthi militia against civilians in Saudi Arabia defy all international laws and positions. How do you comment on that?

We totally condemn these attacks, and standby the international community in condemning these attacks.

What are “Sawa Li Lubnan” movement’s objectives and impact on the Lebanese reform scene in the short and long term?

This is a large question, and it will take more than one edition of your newspaper to answer on it. But what I would like to say that the Lebanese people deserve a government that works for all the people and not just the political elites. They deserve health care, electricity, internet access, and jobs, and a government that provides security and good life conditions. They deserve a country that is not a battle for the wars or conflicts of others. For each one of the objectives, there is a detailed plan that you can find on the “Sawa Li Lubnan” website:

What is your vision for the upcoming Parliamentary elections?

First, the elections should take place as expected in May, as the people deserve the opportunity to choose who will lead them, and their will must be heard. I believe that the Lebanese people want a new leadership that is not linked to corruption, but works only for the people. Sawa Li Lubnan is just doing that, and I think it will have a great impact on the elections in May.

Do you intend to run for the upcoming elections?

I will run for the Parliamentary elections that will be held next May. This is a pivotal point in the history of Lebanon, and I think I need to move forward and serve people in any way possible. People are demanding a new leadership that is not tainted by rampant corruption.

What about the political legacy of the late Lebanese Prime Minister, Martyr Rafik Hariri, may God have mercy on him? What are your views and ambitions?

My sole ambition is to put my efforts to create a free, independent, and prosperous Lebanon that can take its correct place on the international stage. I have been fortunate to help people, who seek real and lasting change for my country.

“Sawa Li Lubnan”

“Sawa Li Lubnan” is a political movement founded to induce real and innovative change in Lebanon, to create a sovereign, secure, and economically prosperous state. Lebanon is facing a catastrophic situation, as corruption, and political paralysis became widespread among the Lebanese state. This was followed by devaluation, unprecedented collapse for the lira, shortage in basic commodities, and people losing their jobs. This is what now directly affects the lives of every Lebanese citizen. That’s why a number of Lebanese patriots gathered because they realize that they have two options, either to seek change or to leave the country.

The movement built its values ​​on rejecting sectarianism, pointing out that there is no place for religion in modern politics. Leaders must be chosen on the basis of ability and competence, not on the basis of sect. It is also keen to activate diplomacy, which restores Lebanon to its pioneering role as a founding member of the League of Arab States and in the United Nations, and end its isolation.

The movement also stresses the need to protect Lebanon’s sovereignty and serve its people instead of serving foreign and partisan interests, by restoring the full sovereignty of the Lebanese state over all its components and its free decision, and by demarcating land and sea borders and empowering the Lebanese Army. The movement also affirms that sole military force is authorized to defend the country, in addition to the principle of justice and accountability, through adopting social justice, impartial governance, and accountability to the people.

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