| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

“Sawa Li Lubnan” Executive Director recalls Lebanon and its people’s 2021 sufferings

The Executive Director of “Sawa Li Lubnan” movement, Saeed Sanadeeqi, indicated that “we can consider that the year 2021 was “a bad incident that passed safely,” But we cannot allow the Lebanese people to experience the same sufferings, and for the same political approach to continue.”

He added in a statement, “We bid farewell to this year, that carried a lot of disappointments and challenges, that the Lebanese people faced, starting with the queues of humiliation in front of gas stations, as a result of illegal smuggling, passing through hospitals that closed their doors, the emigration of doctors, the death of the citizen in the street, and the shortage in medicines, all the way to the darkness that engulfed our capital, Beirut, and the Lebanese homes in stifling summer, the threat to cut off communications and isolate Lebanon from the outside world. All of which is the result of the national currency’s deterioration, and the “patch work” of Banque du Liban, and the lack of a clear recovery plan due to the absence of the government, and its failure to convene, because the political class refuses to achieve justice in the August 4 bombing case.

Sanadeeqi continued, “and in order not to continue with this political quota approach that led Lebanon and its people to collapse, and because time left for this covenant, is much less than what has passed, “Sawa Li Lubnan” calls upon you to restore Lebanon, to restore the homeland that secures for its people all the basic necessities of life, including medicine, electricity, security, safety and job opportunities, to revive prosperity and liberate people’s money, to return Lebanon to the international map, and to restore sovereignty, freedom and independence, by participating massively in the upcoming elections, in order to bring about the necessary change for us and for Lebanon.”

And he concluded, “Happy new year to you and our beloved Lebanon.”