| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Sayyidet AL-Jabal Meeting: ” Only through lifting Iranian ocuupation, Lebanon can be saved.”

Sayidat AL-Jabal meeting affirmed that priority, today, is to launch a liberation war in order to liberate Lebanon from Iranian occupation, so legitimacy can be liberated, and pave the way for a responsible state capable of restoring citizen’s rights and community guarantees in accordance with the Constitution and the National Accord Document

A statement was issued in which the meeting stated that the most obvious image of the occupation is represented through Hezbollah’s refusal of forming a government, it added:” this party which is dominating all Lebanese political and military fields, cannot convince us that it is at odds with some specific political figure, because those obstructers are non but marginal personalities in the non-forming governmental play.

It added that the occupation’s ugliest image was manifested in the most dangerous economic and banking collapse in Lebanon’s history, and that saving the financial and societal situations nan only be achieved by lifting the Iranian occupation.

The meeting addressed the Lebanese by saying: “Organize your ranks to launch a peaceful, democratic civil resistance to face the Iranian occupation, and turn Beirut’s squares, and every city and village, into a place for dialogue, raising the voice in the face of injustice.

It concluded: “We deserve life, schools, universities, hospitals and banks. We deserve peace, stability, law and constitution. We deserve our human respect as all people.”