| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Secretary-General of World Lebanese Cultural University: “Expatriate are to save Lebanon.”

The International Secretary-General of the World Lebanese Cultural League, Roger Hani, issued the following statement:

“We are Lebanon’s backup economic force and the true solider, as if you stripping the expatriate, their Lebanese nationality

During calamities and hardships, expatriate rushed for help, is this how they are rewarded?

You launch nonsense slogans….Christian Muslim,  to trade in religion and sectarianism, and with all respect for religions, there are only two wings, the resident and the expatriate

It is time for you to recognize that the Lebanese abroad are to save Lebanon.

You failed and we succeeded, you stole and we built, you dispersed, divided, we united.

You sold and bought, and we preserved our dignity, you committed yourself to external forces, and we have no alternative to the cedars homeland of Lebanon.

Today, it is the crime of the new age by separating the expatriate from Lebanon, and making it as if it were the son of a slave, and he is essentially a partner citizen who completes alongside the resident citizen the dream country.

We do not blame the poor, robbed people, who are denied water, electricity, medicine, food, and air. Rather, we are against the corrupt system that expelled us, and we did not emigrate voluntarily.

The Lebanese Cultural University in the world will do its duty to confront this described crime, and will work with all forces, to stand as an impenetrable dam to thwart this infernal scheme.

Preventing the expatriate from exercising their democratic right in the parliamentary elections will not harm them, but will inevitably harm Lebanon, which is in dire need of the expatriate’s money and energies.

We will not be silent and will not relent except by preserving our rights that serve Lebanon.”