| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Security arrests a gang for counterfeiting money

General Directorate Internal Security Forces said that unknown persons carried out a fraudulent operation against a commercial company, by purchasing electrical tools, and receiving them in a shop they rented for this purpose in  Sidon,  on the same day as they carried out the operation, before signing the rental contract and in order not to reveal their identities, they paid for the goods with counterfeit banknotes worth of 2300$, and then transported the goods before leaving the store to an unknown destination.

On May 29, 2021, a similar operation was carried out in Sidon also,  where they purchased a quantity of electrical tools worth of counterfeit 2,600 $ from another trading company, but this time they unloaded the goods directly from the company’s vehicle to a pickup car used by gang members.

As a result of following-up and monitoring operations, the Southern Investigation Detachment in the Regional Gendarmerie Unit was able to identify the car used in the first operation and reveal its owners’ identity, the two perpetrators, and locate their residency within the Mount Lebanon Governorate.

On 2-6-2021, and based on a signal from the competent judiciary, a patrol from the aforementioned detachment – with  support of  Mount Lebanon Investigation Detachment – arrested within Keserwan District, the followings:

Sh,A ( 1978, Lebanese)
Kh. R. 9 1973, Lebanese)
The two detainees, along with two cars used in the two operations, were handed over to the Sidon Judicial Detachment in the Judicial Police Unit, for further investigation, based on the reference of the competent judiciary, while work is continuing to arrest a third person implicated.