| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Security forces arrest a gang for stealing power cables

The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces (ISF) – Public Relations Division said in statement that there have been several thefts of electrical wires conducted recently in the Metn district.

As a result of intensive investigations, the Information Division of the ISF was able to know the identity of those involved in these operations. The accused include:

A.M (born in 2000, Syrian)

B.H (born in 1997, Syrian)

B.O (born in 1997, Syrian)

M.H (born in 2000, Syrian)

After careful monitoring and control, one of the Division’s patrols was able to carry out a tight ambush in Sad Al-Bouchrieh / Industrial City, which resulted in the arrest of the two men, while they were selling stolen copper in a Hyundai car and a motorbike, which were seized.

After searching the car and the motorcycle, a quantity of copper, electrical cables and industrial tools were seized.

By interrogating them, they confessed what was attributed to them for stealing electrical cables and that they carried out more than 15 thefts from the industrial city in the areas of Sadd al-Boushrieh and Mkalles, during the last 4 months of which they were cutting cables, taking copper from it, and selling it inside iron and scrap sites.

The legal requirement was carried out against them, and they were deposited with the seized products, based on the reference of the competent judiciary.


  • Sawt Beirut International