| 21 February 2024, Wednesday |

“Settlement is not a shame” Jumblatt stresses

During a visit to a number of Druze religious figures, Walid Jumblatt, the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, made many statements about the country’s current political crisis, joined by MPs Akram Sheayyeb and Faysal Sayegh.

Jumblatt stated that the country is experiencing extraordinary and awful circumstances, and that there appears to be no solution on the horizon because the remedy will not be external.

“If some high-ranking politicians believe that the remedy will come from without, they are mistaken. The solution must be shaped domestically, and settlement is not a political shame when it comes to the nation’s interest “The former Member of Parliament continued.

“I don’t have new data indicating a settlement and the possibility of curbing this economic and financial collapse,” he added, warning that the coming days are very difficult.

Commenting on the health situation, Jumblatt praised the performance of the caretaker health minister, Hamad Hassan, and the caretaker foreign minister, Zeina Akar, for their performance amid a paralyzed caretaker government because there is a decision to paralyze it.

“Even the caretaker government can fulfill its job, the first of which is the budget,” Jumblatt said, adding that “there are those who do not allow Hassan Diab to work,” citing the importance of national, health, and food security over all of these discussions.

Finally, he pushed lawmakers to reach an agreement and form a government that would prevent the country from collapsing, so that the World Bank and other international institutions would be forced to take conditional loans rather than free ones.

  • Sawt Beirut International