| 31 May 2024, Friday |

“Shocking” statements by Lebanese Foreign Minister regarding “Hezbollah”!!

Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib confirmed that the government is unable to “re-scale” Hezbollah’s role, and this is a regional issue.”
Bou Habib pointed out that “the Saudis did not have any contacts with the newly formed government even before the recent diplomatic dispute.”
He also considered that Lebanon is facing a big problem. ‘If they only want the head of Hezbollah, we, as Lebanon, cannot give it to them. As the statements of the Saudi Foreign Minister that Hezbollah, and not George Qordahi, is the problem. Qardahi ignited the problem, he was like a fuse for the crisis.” .
He stressed that “Hezbollah does not dominate the country, and that it is a Lebanese component that acts politically. “Yes, it has a regional military extension, but it does not use it in Lebanon. This is more than we can solve, this we cannot solve… We all want one army and one country, but we are faced with a reality.”
Bou Habib said that he believes that “mutual dialogue between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia is the only way to move forward to resolve the dispute, and that Qatari mediation is the only option currently offered to solve the problem with Saudi Arabia.”