| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Some of the bodies have parts that haven’t been identified

The death toll from the Talil explosion has been confirmed by Hamad Hassan, the caretaker government’s Minister of Health. However, parts of some of the bodies have yet to be identified, and there are seven serious cases.

In a radio interview, Minister Hassan said that three individuals with severe burns were transported to Istanbul hospitals yesterday for treatment after the Lebanese and Turkish medical teams chose not to move a fourth injured person because his life was in danger, thus he was returned to Geitawi Hospital.

In response, the Lebanese Presidency announced in a statement that President Michel Aoun had summoned security and health services to combat the fire and offer first aid, as well as ordered the court to conduct the required investigations into the circumstances surrounding the explosion.

According to Najib Mikati, the Lebanese Prime Minister-designate, “what happened in Akkar calls up everyone’s conscience to assist in saving the Lebanese from tragedies and indifference.”

“Innocents have fallen victim to the avarice of individuals who used the fuel crisis to earn unlawful profits,” he added.


  • Sawt Beirut International