| 4 July 2022, Monday |

Statement by Litani Authority about remaining stock’s volume for electricity production

The Litani River Authority circulated a report on the Qaraoun Lake stock and electricity production in the Litani River Authority’s laboratories, and indicated through the graphs the available stock for electricity production, which must suffice for 6 months, compared to the current monthly consumption, which is approximately one third of the available stock, and stressed If the current daily consumption rate continues, the Qaraoun Lake stock will not be sufficient to barely produce electricity for a period of just over 3 months.

The authority confirmed that based on these data, it is necessary to reduce production at the Litani power plant at an average daily rate to approximately 50MW, with an average daily consumption rate of 600,000 cubic meters as soon as the needs of the Electricité du Liban (EDL) are over and the recharge from the thermal plants is restored.


  • Sawt Beirut International