| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Strida Geagea: Elections will be a referendum on Lebanon’s identity

“We as a people must take advantage of the golden opportunity that is available to us this year through the parliamentary elections in order to overthrow the ruling majority that tampered with our livelihood, our daily lives and our security, in order to get out of the dark abyss in which these forces threw us, out into the light of sovereignty, freedom and decent living,” stressed MP Strida Geagea on Friday.

She emphasized the need for every Lebanese to realize that his or her participation in said parliamentary elections is a “national duty”, since these elections will be “a referendum on the identity and future of the Lebanon we desire.”

“If we want to change from the current Lebanon to the Lebanon of a strong, capable and effective state, a state of law and institutions, a state of transparency, equality and justice, a state of stability, prosperity and affluence, all we have to do is vote for those who are known for their institutional and transparent work, and their execution of laws with equality and justice and without any discrimination,” the MP maintained.

Geagea was thankful that all the twisted attempts to deprive the Lebanese expatriates of their right to participate in national life have failed, congratulating the Lebanese in the countries of the Diaspora in this regards and encouraging them to be present and influential in the future of their country as they are always and forever present alongside their families residing in Lebanon. “They are Lebanese citizens who have their clear opinions, positions and choices in politics, and they must translate their patriotism by determining the fate and future of this country,” she asserted.

Geagea’s words came as she chaired the meeting in Maarab by the administrative board of the “Al-Arz Mountain Foundation”, during which attendees discussed the projects carried out by the Foundation pertaining to the region of Bcharre.

  • NNA