| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Strida Geagea hopes that Berri calls for a session to lift immunities

MP Strida Geagea hoped, in a statement today, that House Speaker Nabih Berri would call for a plenary session as the sad commemoration of August 4th approaches, placing at the top of its agenda the law proposal of the “Strong Republic” Bloc to lift the immunities off all parliamentarians.

“In this context, it is necessary to confirm the right of the Lebanese people to know the truth behind this heinous crime [Beirut Port blast], which if the investigation reveals that it was planned, would be tantamount to crimes against humanity,” she said.

“I will take advantage of the occasion to promise all the Lebanese that we, as a political party, will not spare any effort nor become tired or desperate, and we shall continue to exert all that we can so that everyone is accorded his right and the truth is unveiled,” pledged Geagea.

“In conclusion, how I wish, in these fateful moments in Lebanon’s history and in the course of this issue, that we would have by our side, during this session, the parliamentarians who submitted their resignations following the explosion,” she underscored.

  • NNA