| 17 July 2024, Wednesday |

Strida and Samir Geagea host a dinner banquet in honor of outgoing Kuwaiti ambassador & his spouse

Samir Geagea, the head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, and his wife, MP Strida, organized a farewell dinner on Friday in honor of Abdul-Aal Al-Qina’i, the Kuwaiti ambassador to Lebanon for 15 years, and his wife, Mrs. Rasha.

Egyptian Ambassador Yasser Alawi, MPs Ghassan Hasbani, Ashraf Rifi, and Pierre Bou Assi, as well as former Minister Richard Kouyoumjian, the LF’s foreign relations official, all attended the dinner banquet.

In his word on the occasion, Geagea hailed the valuable role and contribution of the Kuwaiti Ambassador throughout his term of office in Lebanon, cherishing “the good historical relationship between Lebanon and Kuwait.”

Addressing the Kuwaiti Ambassador, Geagea said: “You have never failed in your commitments, nor in your devotion to Lebanon and the Lebanese, nor in your friendships and your belief in the cause for which we are fighting, represented by the sovereignty, freedom and independence of our beloved homeland, Lebanon.”

He added: “It is true, Your Excellency, that there are many and great mutual aspects between the sisterly State of Kuwait and Lebanon, especially since our two countries are located next to larger and stronger countries; yet, it is also true that the faith of both the Kuwaiti and Lebanese peoples in their steadfastness and rootedness in their countries, makes us pass various common trials and tribulations, adhering to our right to a free and dignified life.”

Geagea wished the outgoing Kuwaiti diplomat all success in his new mission, thanking him and the sisterly State of Kuwait, the Emir, the government and the people, for all their support and assistance to Lebanon through the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development, with the latest initiatives in this framework being Kuwait’s declaration of standing by the Lebanese people in wake of the disaster of the August 4 port explosion.

At the end of the dinner banquet, Geagea presented Al-Qina’i with a symbolic gift of “The Complete Collection of Gibran’s Works”, in both Arabic and English, placed in a wooden box bearing the Lebanese and Kuwaiti flags.


  • NNA