| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Strong Lebanon bloc: We welcome any action by EU to help conduct investigations to unveil waste and corruption

The Strong Lebanon parliamentary bloc held its periodic meeting, headed by MP Gebran Bassil, and called on “the prime minister-designate to take the initiative to present a government formula that meets the conditions of the charter, the constitution, and jurisdiction, in light of the positions calling for an exit from the stalemate and the fabricated ’18 members’ complex.”

The bloc believed that “the goal of forming a government as stipulated in the French initiative is to implement economic, financial and monetary reforms. So far, serious commitment to implementing forensic audit has not been demonstrated, which is a basic condition imposed by those wishing to support Lebanon.”

Conferees welcomed “any action taken by the European Union in order to assist Lebanon in carrying out the necessary investigations that could unveil the sources of waste and corruption and reveal those responsible for it, as well as the funds transferred discretely abroad, before and after October 17.”

The bloc “pins hope on the European measures that it previously pushed for, within the framework of international laws, in a manner that guarantees respect for Lebanon’s sovereignty, because those measures would pressure Lebanese officials who cause corruption and hinder reform.”

  • Lebanese National News Agency