| 22 October 2021, Friday |

Strong Lebanon’ conclave on rescue plan kicks off

The “Strong Lebanon” parliamentary bloc convened Tuesday in a conclave at the monastery of Saint John the Citadel, Beit Meri, to develop and discuss a vision on a rescue and action plan for the upcoming stage.

“We are meeting today to talks about tomorrow and what we are going to do to preserve and honor our past. We are working for our youth and children to keep this country for them,” said bloc head MP Gebran Bassil at the opening of the conclave.

“We were handed a country that was occupied and under tutelage, and whose sovereignty was incomplete. We are working on rendering it a free, sovereign, and independent country,” he added.

“We were handed a destroyed and corruption-swept country, with rentier economy and bankrupt finances. We must free it of corruption and [establish] a productive economy,” he went on to say.

Bassil continued: “We meet today as people wait for new solutions to end all the crises. That is why we have to study the ideas, project, and laws that help us overcome the plight. We do have solutions, plans, and legislations, but unfortunately, we do not have the ability to implement them alone.”

Pertaining to the next stage’s priorities, Bassil said they include five axes: financial recovery and the needed legislations, social security, the reform of public finances and ending corruption, the truth behind the Beirut port blast, and the parliamentary elections.